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The program has generously covered my work-study expectation for this year so that I can pursue an internship with the American NGO Coalition for the International Criminal Court (AMICC). According to its CEO, Iva Gumnishka, Humans in the Loop can provide workers for any stages of the machine-learning model training and development cycle. 2017-11-06 · He and Iva Gumnishka believe that such a platform would have much potential and they are currently seeking additional funds and volunteer software developers to bring the idea to life. An energetic Bulgarian, Iva Gumnishka, 25, and her social enterprise Humans In The Loop (HITL) lent her a hand, linking Faizi to work created by the booming machine learning and artificial Gumnishka then decided to tap this "very specific niche" to directly link refugees to work from start-ups in Europe and the US that did not require any particular skills or knowledge of the language. It was also a market that was set to grow, she said.

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The adverse effects on economies worldwide and the under-preparedness of countries have also drawn attention to the ignored vulnerable groups such as low skilled workers and migrant workers. Iva Gumnishka This thesis discusses the right to work of refugees and asylum-seekers in the context of the current refugee crisis, using Bulgaria as an example of the less studied case of transit countries. Bulgaria legally recognizes the right to work of refugees and yet has no political will to 2020-02-09 Iva Gumnishka, an associate at the ISHR-affiliated American NGO Coalition for the ICC (AMICC), analyzes whether or not terrorist acts fit within the jurisdiction of the ICC and if it is necessary to amend the Rome statute to include the "crime of terrorism" in a new AMICC article. “For me, it all started as a cause and the tech and business model came later”, Iva Gumnishka, founder of Human in the Loop, shares.

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Galia Jordanova. CEO, Iva Gumnishka.

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Iva Gumnishka: My family and I have been fortunate to have not fallen sick yet or […] View Iva Gumnishka’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community.

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2020 Ива Гумнишка е носител на златен медал от Международната олимпиада по лингвистика през 2013 г. в Манчестър, като ученик от 164. 1 Oct 2018 Humans in the Loop founder and CEO Iva Gumnishka was chosen to be part of 2018 class of Forbes 30 under 30 in the field of social  4 Nov 2020 Twenty-six-year-old founder and CEO Iva Gumnishka said HITL has found work for 'conflict-affected people' across the field of AI and computer  SUPERPOWERS: How to start a business with 0 capital, mathematical Linguistics, Bellydance. SDGS: #10. Reduced Inequality. LinkedIn. HITL was established in Bulgaria by Ms. Iva Gumnishka, a Columbia University graduate, in 2017 as a social enterprise that employs and trains refugees to  Moderation: Iva Gumnishka, Founder of Humans in the Loop.
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2012, Gold, Marin Ivanov, Bulgaria 2. 2012, Gold, Kristian Kostadinov, Bulgaria 2.

Puzl  8 септ. 2015 Тази седмица ви срещаме с Ива Гумнишка, която е на 21 г.
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2021-02-10 · Founded by Iva Gumnishka in 2017, Humans in the Loop offers companies with continuous model improvement, from dataset collection to output verification, edge case handling, and insights on performance.